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Operation Red Wings

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Posted 07-20-2012 at 01:25 PM by Sharky2noy

Operation Red Wings was a failed military operation which resulted in the largest loss of lives in the Special Operations community during the global war on terror at that time. And It might still be the largest loss of lives in the Special Operations community (I'm not sure). 11 SEAL Operators were killed and 8 Army Special Operations Pilots and Aircrewmen were killed also.

They wrote a book about it called Lone Survivor. I was forced to read it, because when I was in the Navy one of my bosses was a Navy SEAL Officer. I read the book in a few days, I thought it was very interesting.

-Spoiler Alert-

Basically a SEAL fire team (4 SEAL Operators) where dropped off on top of a kind of a Remote Mountain in Central Afghanistan. There job was to kill a high ranking Taliban leader. They were traveling down the mountain for a couple of days (I think) and there cover got blown. They stumbled upon three goat herders, 2 men and a boy. The SEAL fire team didn't know whether to kill them or let them go. Lt. Michael P Murphy who was in Charge of the Fire Team decided to put the Goat Herders fate in a group vote. The Fire Team decided to let them go. The Goat Herders went back to there village and told the Taliban about the SEALs and there location on the Mountain. a day later the SEALs got in a Fire fight on the Mountain with a larger number of Taliban fighters. The exact numbers are unclear, some organizations say it was 10, another says it was 200+. My guess is that it was around 30. Anyways the results of the fire fight were 3 SEALs died and one was severely injured. Marcus Luttrell, the last surviving SEAL couldn't walk, and had to crawl and hide from his Enemy fighters (he also didn't have any rounds left). He crawled for like 2 or 3 days, and Crawled around 12 miles to a Village in a valley next to the Mountain. The Villagers took in the almost dead SEAL in and vowed to protect him with there lives. A rescue attempt was made with the 160th SOAR, but there Chinook got blown out of the Sky by the Taliban. Marcus Luttrell eventually got rescued.

After reading the Book, The SEAL Officer who made me read it ask me what I would have done with the Goat Herders. I thought about it for a while and told him, In all honesty Probably would have blown them off the side of the mountain (I know sounds brutal and heartless, but I believe under the situation it would have been the best choice for the Survivability of the Fire Team). The Seal Officer told me he understood my thought process, but he said after thinking about it himself he decided that they made the best move. If they would have killed them, the Village that they came from probably would have started to investigate.

Anyways, They're making a movie about. It's coming out next Spring. I think if they don't fuck it up, the Movie will make the Military and the U.S. as a whole look good. It show's some compassion and understanding with the SEAL Operators. And also how Marcus Luttrell showed a lot of respect to the people who took him in and cared for him and feed him. I think it will also show the Afghanis in a Good light too. So if your Left Wing or Right Wing, I think everybody should watch this Movie when it comes out. I think it will be a lot less of a Propaganda film them Act of Valor too.
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