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Story part 10

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Posted 04-20-2013 at 07:14 AM by Pagan

It didn't make any sense. This amateur was just unconscious a few moments ago and now here he was standing above her after killing the person that was in all likelihood going to kill her. In that moment he struck his eyes were...cold. Almost scarily so, however that had faded there seemed to be an element of uncertainty to his eyes now. He didn't know what he was let alone any idea what he had done. There was no way he could back up his words with those eyes.

With a bit more sureness of self then she possessed a few moments prior she got to her feet. “Is that so? You took two shocks strong enough to drop someone twice your body weight, as well as several blows to the head and a car accident. I am fairly certain the most you would be able to do is fall over and bleed on me. I am guessing the adrenaline has made it so you haven't noticed your injury from the crash...” Nodding toward the damp spot on the side of his shirt. Guessing with out a bandage he had maybe 20 minutes before he fell unconscious from blood loss.

Of course..she had a mild concussion and two fractured ribs. If this guy had any serious fighting ability she would be in trouble but as best he might get one hit in then fall over and bleed on her, problem is with her ribs she probably couldn't lift him and they would both end up dead. “I cannot tell you much, I simply got the word you were going to be attacked by the hunters and decided you should be brought in for protection. To say anymore and I will face possible banishment in addition to the punishment for violated the no contact orders....and don't bother asking I will not explain those any further, but....if you allow us to take you in we will bring you to the one that has given the orders and knows more then I do.”

He stood there, starting to feel the blood seeping out of him he guessed she was right, he could tell she was injured but not exactly how much or if she could fight back but did remember she was holding off someone whom was about half again her weight so she is not weak. “No more knocking me out though, I don't like the...dreams.” Not even sure why he added that bit about the dreams but it seemed to strike a cord with her....a slight shift in the eyes told him that much.

Hearing his request, and about the dreams it took all she had not to flinch. For several years she had suffered because of nightmares, to the point it threatened her sanity. Even today every so often one of those nightmares will come back. Especially on her patrol nights when she was out in the dark alone. Even though protocol was to bring people in that way so they could not tell the location they were at she found her self nodding to his request more out of sympathy then anything else. “Fine..but you have to be blindfolded, and we have to go on foot...”

“On foot? Why not just take that car...” He nodded to their vehicle. They were all injured why walk if they didn't have to. He wasn't exactly lazy but he didn't know how far they had to go, when she responded. “Well idiot, even these religious nuts know how to use low jack, or should we just lead them to where we will be keeping you after they have tried to kill you three times now? If your life isn't worth that much your welcome to stay here and die...” She tried her best to sound indifferent, needing the fact that he needed her more to strike home.

“Now I am going to need you to help me move their bodies to their vehicle, and strip off one of their shirts....we need to destroy the vehicles and the bodies as much as we can...then we walk. You get to earn some boy” She couldn't help but smirk at her dig at him. He was kinda cute when he got indignant.
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